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The Key To Happiness: Know When to Say “No”


Lisa D’Astuto, an entrepreneur with Votre Vu, a high-end, spa quality French skin care line, believes the key to happiness is knowing when to say “no”. The busy mom, who oversees a team of more than 50 Votre Vu representatives nationwide, keeps detailed lists of what she needs to accomplish each day, week and month, eliminating the things “that just aren’t necessary”. 

“I always think about what’s important and try not to worry about things that aren’t,” she explained. The New Jersey-based mother of two teenage sons stays actively involved in her boys’ lives, supervising their activities and making sure they stay out of trouble.  

“It’s especially important to be around for older kids – when you can be a positive influence on their life,” D’Astuto explained. But she also wanted a challenging and rewarding career that leveraged her fashion-buyer background, her outgoing personality and her determination.

D’Astuto, previously a fashion buyer, has been home with her boys since they were born.  She spearheaded volunteer efforts for her boys’ school, and then got involved with direct sales.

Prior to joining Votre Vu, D’Astuto started working for another skin care line, but grew frustrated at that company’s “one-size-fits-all” approach.   Her clients were not seeing the results they wanted and, as a result, D’Astuto was not earning the money that she hoped.

In August 2008, D’Astuto Followed her Gut. 

“I wasn’t happy at my former company and had a good feeling about Votre Vu.  I did my research and decided to make the leap,” D’Astuto explained. “I believed that Votre Vu’s products were better quality, which would give my clients better results and, ultimately, be more profitable.”

Now, D’Astuto proudly represents Votre Vu, which offers high-end, natural skin care products at mid-level price points.  Votre Vu’s custom products are handcrafted in France and include natural skin, hair and body care products, and an award-winning beverage line.  The entire line is a fraction of the cost of department store products.

She enjoys the company’s direct selling network marketing model that allows her team to work directly with clients. Votre Vu is available 24/7 online and through independent consultants like Lisa D’Astuto. D’Astuto has found a healthy work-life balance: she is able to work while her sons are at school, and be there to bake them cookies when they come home.

We can learn a lot from her example and ca strive to bring balance in our life.

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