Sweating My Way to a Happier Life

Joyful Life

Did you groan just reading that? Not another perfectly perky, skinny person spouting off how they love to run 30 miles a day and subsist on apples and fish! Lucky for you, I’m neither perfect nor super skinny and I hate fish. And, just the thought of starting up another exercise routine raises my blood pressure.

However, I find that as soon as I commit and after that first workout, I feel really good.  Not only physically, but mentally too.  Then I started recognizing several improvements in my life and I remember, Oh yeah- this is why I exercised last year.  Why did I stop?


As odd as it sounds, when I start running in the mornings I end up with a ton of energy all afternoon.  Plus I sleep better at night.  The 25 minutes of tortuous jogging pays off big time for 12 hours of zipping, zinging energy throughout the day. And without caffeine!

Improved Self-Esteem

Yes, it’s true.  When I wake up in the morning mad at myself for wolfing down a plate of nachos, I feel good lacing up the tennis shoes.  And after I’ve ran my heart out, even if it’s in my mind, I swear my body looks better.  For the rest of the day I have a swagger in my step. And that’s priceless.

Clear Skin

For some strange reason, about a week into working out my skin starts glowing.  Maybe it has to do with sweatin’ out all those toxins.  Or the increased amount of water I drink.  I don’t know but I like it.

Metabolism Frenzy

Working out always makes me more hungry. Luckily, it also boosts my metabolism.  So while I feel like I’m eating more, I usually tend to lose weight.  This is great because if I had to choose between hardcore dieting or working out, pass me the chips and some dumbbells.

Mood Booster

I’ve said it before and I’ll proclaim it again, exercise is the best therapy.  No really.  Every time stress in my life builds to a boiling point, I get outside and run.  It forces you to deal with things that are immediate: pain, strength, the elements.  It’s a great way to clear your mind and do something solely for you.  And the rest of the day I find myself singing and dancing.

Aside from the usual medical reasons that prove exercise is great for you, I found these reasons that give me the motivation to keep working through the pain.  Exercise is hard, like many things, but so rewarding in the end.  And don’t forget to reward yourself every day for a job well done!  I prefer chocolate.

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