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Rapid Reel Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel Review


During the warm summer months, your garden needs to be watered regularly so that the plants and the lawn are not starved of water. While there are many hose reels available, most of them require frequent replacements. Either the pipes crack and cause leakages or the connecting pipes or faucets break. Also you will encounter the tedious procedure of reeling back the hose and if you leave it on the floor of the basement, the little amount of water content left out combined with the dampness in the basement is sure to make the pipes rust and render them redundant.

Why is this Garden Hose Popular?

Rust free

One of the main problems with garden hoses is that if they are made of plastic and left in the open, they are bound to crack and cause leakages due to the effects of weather. Leaving hosepipes for long hours in the sun causes them to get brittle and eventually break. If made of any other metal, it is prone to rusting. But the Rapid’s hose reel is made of die cast aluminum and has stainless steel hardware (rust proof) and brass fittings. Thus they are durable and can be used for a very long time to come.

Extremely Long Warranty duration

You will be surprised to know that this garden hose enjoys a 10 year warranty against leakages, something which has hitherto not be made available for any such other product.

Easy To Use

While it was easy to unwind the hose at the time of watering, rolling it back is a cumbersome procedure. But with the Rapid reel hose, this too is made easy and the hose can be easily rolled back and held in place with a manual reel brake that prevents the automatic unwinding after it has been rolled back into its groove. The handle is made of synthetic material that is tough enough and is held in a thick aluminum bracket and moving it over the stainless steel shaft ensures rewinding of the garden hose without much of strain.

Maximized Water Flow

The hose pipe’s brass swivel has an internal diameter of  ¾ inches which will ensure that there is maximum water flow from the garden hose. With more water flowing in, you can get done with watering your garden in less amount of time and instead relax in the cool surroundings.

Convenient Placing

The hose reel can be mounted on the wall either in parallel or in a perpendicular direction with the facility to have the handle fixed on either the left handed side or the right handed side as per individual convenience.

Durable Inlet Hose

The feeder hose which connects the reel to a faucet for water supply is made of high quality all weather resistant rubber with additional spiral synthetic reinforcement thread along with brass fittings for increased durability.

The main reasons for customers to buy this garden hose are its high quality and the offer of a long warranty. Though customers report that the cost has risen, it is still worthwhile to purchase this garden hose compared to other regular plastic hoses which need frequent replacements.

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