Is Wine Healthy? – Some Facts


Is wine healthy? This is a question that lingers in the mind of many individuals, especially those that are conscious of their health and longevity. Many scientists and scholars have undertaken a plethora of researches to come up with conclusive answers either against or for this paradigm. According to conducted surveys and studies, wine is healthy only when consumed in moderation or as part of a healthy diet. Individuals that consume large amounts of alcohol in general end up harming the overall health of their bodies and immensely increasing the probability of developing a myriad of ailments. Health care practitioners recommend men to drink only 10 ounces of wine and women-only five ounces of wine on a daily basis.

Is wine healthy or is the healthy lifestyle of wine drinkers attributed to other factors? Most people are perplexed by the lifestyle led by wine drinkers which is very different from that led by liquor and beer drinkers. Moderate wine drinkers seem to fall ill less often, have an average body mass index thus rarely suffer from obesity. Moreover, they are keen to observe good feeding habits, consume less fat saturated food and a balanced diet that never lacks vegetable or fruit salad. They also have outstanding I.Q level, are less depressed and neurotic and can adjust well to various life hurdles. On the other hand, moderate wine drinkers have a higher socio-economic status and level of education. Therefore, moderately consuming wine on a daily basis is not harmful to the health of an individual rather it is beneficial.

Parkinson & Alzheimer

To conclusively answer this question ‘Is wine healthy?’ it is important to discuss several facts that outline the health benefits of drinking wine in moderation. Wine is produced from natural compounds like grapes which contain an array of beneficial phytochemicals that enable individuals to curb the probability of developing various types of cancer, cardiovascular-related diseases, and neurological degenerative disorders including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. For instance, wine contains polyphenols such as resveratrol. A high percentage of polyphenols in the body of an individual is important as they act like antioxidants which play a vital role of curbing the destruction of healthy body cells and tissues. The antioxidants act on free radicals to deactivate them thereby preventing them from harming healthy cells. As a result individuals are able to maintain their youthful looks even when old.

The resveratrol compound is a non-flavonoid compound originating from grapes’ skin. It curbs the damage of blood vessels by preventing fat to clog them. It also increases the level of good cholesterol thereby reducing the probability of heart attacks, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Moreover, it regulates the formation of blood clots thus effectively protecting individuals from an array of heart diseases. In addition, if moderately consumed wine increases the bone density of women especially the elderly enabling them to curb the development of osteoporosis. The risk for prostate, ovarian, and lung cancer development is also reduced when individuals moderately consume wine. Conversely, moderate wine drinkers enhance their cognitive ability by improving their memory and vision. So, is wine healthy? From the above, it depends on the consumed amounts of wine which may either emanate beneficial or grave results.

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