Joyful Life

Sweating My Way to a Happier Life

Did you groan just reading that? Not another perfectly perky, skinny person spouting off how they love to run 30 miles a day and subsist on apples and fish! Lucky for you, I’m neither perfect nor super skinny and I hate fish. And, just the thought of starting up another exercise routine raises my blood pressure. However, I find that…

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Entrepreneur, Motivational

The Key To Happiness: Know When to Say “No”

Lisa D’Astuto, an entrepreneur with Votre Vu, a high-end, spa quality French skin care line, believes the key to happiness is knowing when to say “no”. The busy mom, who oversees a team of more than 50 Votre Vu representatives nationwide, keeps detailed lists of what she needs to accomplish each day, week and month, eliminating the things “that just aren’t…

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