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Compensation for Pain and Suffering and Damages in the Event of a Defective Tattoo

This judgment could have far-reaching consequences for tattoo studios / tattoo artists: if a tattoo is carried out incorrectly, the customer can claim compensation for pain and suffering and the costs of removing the tattoo without having given the tattoo artist the opportunity to touch it up beforehand. This was decided by the OLG Hamm, according to the DAS. Reason: For work…

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Health, Human Body


Hypermobility is something never quite understood completely. Many people misunderstood the concept and so it is filled with many different versions. We are often too hasty to judge everything on the first instant.  Same has happened with me. I’ve been told, several times, by several people that I am hypermobile. All I knew was that this apparently makes things more…

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Healthy Tendons

Tendon Healing Diets

Diet forms an important part of treating any problem in body. Treatment of tendon damage is also not an exception.Tendons are the flexible connectors between your muscles and bones. Over use of the associated organs (arm, wrist, leg etc.) can cause damage to the associated tendons. Depending on the type and intensity of the damage, you need to adapt one…

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Quality Services
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Why is Renting a Studio in Moscow in Great Demand?

A little more than 20 years have passed since the collapse of the USSR, the current generation is completely unaware of the problems people faced in those days, except by hearsay, but it is difficult to imagine such a thing. This is how a young man can assume at least for a moment that, having entered the store, he will have…

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Inspection Process
Real Estate, Residence

Home Inspectors

Are you out there to buy or sell a house, then surely you need to know how one can look for a superb one. Home inspectors are normally tasked to evaluate or appraise the present situation of a house or real estate property, as an approach of ensuring client protection and reliability of a house or property being bought or…

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Accessories, Reviews

Rapid Reel Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel Review

During the warm summer months, your garden needs to be watered regularly so that the plants and the lawn are not starved of water. While there are many hose reels available, most of them require frequent replacements. Either the pipes crack and cause leakages or the connecting pipes or faucets break. Also you will encounter the tedious procedure of reeling…

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Entrepreneur, Motivational

The Key To Happiness: Know When to Say “No”

Lisa D’Astuto, an entrepreneur with Votre Vu, a high-end, spa quality French skin care line, believes the key to happiness is knowing when to say “no”. The busy mom, who oversees a team of more than 50 Votre Vu representatives nationwide, keeps detailed lists of what she needs to accomplish each day, week and month, eliminating the things “that just aren’t…

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