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Make Your Interior Exterior And Vice Versa, Because It Is SUMMER!

During summer, all the indoor furniture, curtains and everything should be light in colours, styles and fabrics. The following tips would help you to start decorating you home:


Select a colour at first. Is your interior painted in dark blue? Perhaps a shade of light blue would give your indoor an incredible look. It is better to give your indoors the touch of light colours to give the feel of summer. Do keep into consideration the concept of colour variation before garnishing your indoors for summer.


Convert your rooms painted in dark colours into accents by using more white and ivory!


Slipcovers would give a nice look and a summer touch and they are good due to their expediency. If your furniture gets murky, as it is summer and you would be sweating more, you can wash the slipcovers. Ready-made slipcovers are available and in case if they do not fit your furniture, you can ask a tailor to sew slipcovers for your furniture.


You can cover your dining table, sofa table, coffee tables, bedside tables and other tables at your home with tablecloths. A white lace on the tablecloths would give the feel of summer.


Alter the colour of valence or tieback of your winter curtains to give the summer touch to your interior. You can also change the way of hanging them which would give the room a whole new look.


Decorate your countertops and shelves with flower vases with fresh flowers inside them. You do not need to buy roses every time; lilies can create magic too!


Get your indoors outdoors. An outdoor sitting area with some indoor furniture outside is an incredible idea during summer. Decorate the furniture with bright coloured pillows and slipcovers.


Cover your table with a bright tablecloth. Flower vases, candles and other such things give the outdoor a magnificent look. You can garnish the place by plant pot. Lighting is necessary for spending time outdoor during the evening. You can use lanterns and candles to brighten up the place, and they would be serving you as the repellent of bugs!


Enjoy your summer both being indoor and outdoor.

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