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Lake Walen – Switzerland

Lake Walen is a lake in Eastern Switzerland. Two-thirds of its are is in St Gallen canton and a third in Glarus canton. The lake is also called Walensee in German or Lake Walenstadt. It covers 24.19 so km. It is situated 419 m above sea level and has a maximum depth of 151 m.

There are a few villages on the shore of Lake Walen, among them Weeden, Quinten, Quarter, and Murg. The main rivers feeding into Lake Walen are Geez, Murgbach, and Link, which continues on to enter Lake Zurich.

Forming a wall on the northern border of Lake Walen is the Churfirsten mountain range, with its jagged peaks rising 2,000 m above sea level. To the southeast of the lake is the Glarner Alps.

Visiting Lake Walen

There is a motorway connecting the southern shore of Lake Walen to Zürich and Chur. Due to the steep cliffs on the northern shore, the villages on that side can only be reached by boat.

Sights & Attractions In Lake Walen


A small village on the southeast shore of Lake Walen. it has a 12th-century chapel with frescoes.


A small town off Lake Walen. It has a number of well-preserved houses in its old town.


Village with a Renaissance palace that today houses a local museum.


Town on the eastern shore of the lake often used as the base for mountaineering in the area.

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