Best Supported Formats For Android

Android is ruling all around the world nowadays and many people are choosing android. According to an analysis, android is taking over 64% of the market. Android is being used in many cell phones and tablets. One of the main factors which are making it the choice of people is its friendly user interface. This thing made it so common and it is available at almost all ranges. Moreover, this operating system is also supporting many video formats which can easily play on Android. Have a look at below about the supported formats for android:


This is the most popular format which has been used in the android system, since the beginning. This format means that it can easily support the 3GPP (144p, 240P). It can also support the MPEG 2(MP4) and here MP4 means the formats which are up to 480P or other depending on the screen resolution of your device.


When it comes to this format so it can give you the perfect display. This format also supports the 3GP and MP4. But here it differs from MPEG2 to MPEG4. MPEG2 is used in H. 263 but here the MPEG 4 is used. So you can easily get the finest display. Moreover, another feature of this format is that it can give you the better quality without depending on the given formats. For instance, it will adjust the quality to manage the bitrates. If the bitrate is low or normal in both conditions you will get the righteous quality.


This is also a new kind of format which has been introduced in best formats. It can support the web and also the ‘’.mkv’’. But both of these formats will be used upon the devices who have android 4.0 plus. Otherwise, on devices below than android 4.0, these versions will not work. Here you may need to download format factory filehippo. This software of filehippo will enable any format according to your mobile device. You can access any format which you want and it will work in the same way as you will like.

Video Resolutions:

When it comes to the video resolutions so it varies in accordance with the device. It depends upon your device as some devices who are old support the 176×144 P. and some who are better can support about 480×360 px and will give you the best quality. Some devices who are updated can support 12801×720 px. This quality is considered as the best high definition quality. Here you will not find any kind of distortion and even you will get a crystal clear display.

This is a general introduction about the formats of android. But instead of all these things one other factor which matters a lot are the devices. It also depends on your device specification which makes any format playable on your device. But nowadays most of the devices are offering the best quality. Even some of the devices are also trying to target the 4k so that it will glorify your experience. But highest format will also grab the much amount of your battery.

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